The Beginning

Udi Saleas was born on December 7th, 1970 and grew up in Jerusalem in a musical house with a twin brother who played Flamenco music and another who played Rock.

His love and attraction to Greek music, Bouzouki, and singing, started when he was a child. Saleas devoted most of the day to listening to Greek Bouzouki playing and to his great love, Greek singing. As a youngster, he started performing and singing in night clubs while accompanying himself with a bouzouki.

The Career

After acquiring experience on stage, Saleas started performing in the 'Across the Rock' club in Bat-Yam. Having performed in this club for a year and a half, Saleas gained many fans and admirers which have followed him since in his many performances throughout the country.

His performances in the Across the Rock club paved his way to the notorious Greek center, The Poseidon club. During his three years in this club, Saleas sang with many successful singers who came from Greece to perform in Israel.

Saleas produced his first album, Greek Enchantment, in the year 2000. This album included many covers, including Mofiggis (Enta Omri) and Imana Turka Imana Igerka. The Raanana Symphony Orchestra accompanied Saleas in this Album.

As time went by and Saleas performed in many events, he became well known as one of the leading Greek and Middle Eastern performers in Israel. He made many ties and friendships which can be heard throughout the musical collaborations he established in his albums.

In 2003, Saleas produced his second album, Best Hits of Greece, where he cooperated with the singer Koby Peretz with the hit song You Can Hit on Her. Other songs in this album are Timame and Papse Lipon, which later got a cover version in Hebrew with the Singers Nati Levi and Pini Hadad.

In 2006, Saleas produced his third album, The Great Greek Feast. This Album includes covers to well known songs such as Dan Cleo Yasena (I Swear To You) and Yati Nedyohanis (You and I). In addition, the album includes the song My Way which Udi Saleas performs in a duet with the singer Avner Gadasi. The words in Hebrew were written by Avihu Madina and in Greek by Yosef Ben Avraham. The song was composed by Avner Gadasi. This song was also prduces as a very successful clip on the Music Channel.

Saleas's powerful voice, his precise accent and pronunciation, but mainly his singing technique caused people to believe that Saleas is a natural born Greek.